Jan 28, 2015

Happy Hump Day, guys! I know you have seen this product all over Instagram and you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Sole Serum is a product that relieves foot pain by using an active ingredient, Lidocaine, that stops the pain signals from reaching your brain. It works the same as over the counter pain medicine only it's a rub on formula. Not only does it help with foot pain, it also smells so good. Seriously I wanted to rub it all over- it smells that good! I'm a sucker for mint, tea tree, and lavender and this product contains them all. Winning!
To use Sole Serum you simply rub two pumps of the formula onto the bottoms of your feet and let it dry for about a minute before you put your shoes back on. Sole Serum claims to work for up to two hours, but I feel like it lasts a little bit longer than that- although it probably depends on what activities you are doing.
I hope this clears up any questions about the product and if you have an other questions feel free to contact me!
ps- they are running a special right now, two tubes for $39.50 + free shipping over $30 :)
Thanks for reading,
xo Sam

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