Jan 12, 2015


*My side of the closet is a little messy (shoeboxes everywhere, etc). My fiancé's side is freakin insanely tidy. I can't even with him sometimes.
Happy Monday, everyone! Abbie over at AllThingsTiffanyBlue and myself have decided to host a Love Your Closet Challenge! This is a no shopping challenge that will run from January 14-February 14, or until you have created 28 'looks' on 28 different days from your closet. We are allowing the two free days because we all have those occasional weekends when we just don't get wanna get dressed #pjsallday :)
You may be thinking, "Why would you want to do this??" & it's simple. I have enough stuff and it is time to pull in the reins. I buy faster than I can wear and it is absolutely pointless, useless, ridiculous- you get the point.
What can't be bought:
Clothing, shoes, makeup, handbags, accessories...you get the idea. Basically if it's not hygiene or food related, don't buy it.
*Gift cards do not count, as long as you do not have to add any $$$ to the purchase.
*Gifts do not count, ie- babyshower, bdays, Valentine's Day, etc.
Goals I personally hope to achieve:
-No more impulse buys. You know, like ordering that lime green crossbody JUST LIKE the hot pink you already own, knowing you rarely wear neon. Yeah, this happened last week...
-Be more aware of what I already own. I need to rediscover what is hidden in the racks of my closet. I'm actually pretty excited about 'shopping in my closet' for a month! (for now anyway)
-Be more creative with what I already own. I have been in a leggings & cardi rut lately and it must end! I have so many great pieces I never even think to wear, I really need to reactivate those creative juices.
-Buy pieces that are more versatile. Self explanatory.
-Wear what is in my closet! I bet I wear about 20% of what is sitting in my closet. I am so bad about buying something and never wearing it! This.must.stop. 
Tips for the challenge:
-Try not to 'repeat' outfits. Switch it up, even if you're just wearing different jewels or a different scarf. By changing it up a bit you won't feel as though you are wearing the same stuff over and over.
-Brainstorm. Make a list of potential outfit combos you'd like to try out & go for it!
-Take note of the items you are lusting over during the challenge, and if you still want them after the 30 days or 28 outfits, reward yourself. I feel like this will also help out with future impulse buys.
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Also, use #loveyourclosetchallenge so that we can see your awesome looks!
Thanks for reading!
xo, Sam