Family trip, day 1

Dec 27, 2015

A treat to beat the heat :)

Love that the Christmas decor is still everywhere!
The best gift shop I've ever been in.

Disney nails ❤️

We are having a blast on this trip! The weather today was perfect and I can't wait to go to the parks in a couple days :) There's something about Christmas decorations mixed with Disney magic & warm sunshine that is just singing to my soul <3

Winter Boho

Dec 26, 2015

Shoes, TJ Maxx, Similar here | Jeans, Express | Bag, Gucci | Vest, old. Similar Here & Here | Blouse, Forever 21 & love this one | Earrings, Gorjana

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with their families! I love the holidays, as I've said a million times! haha. We had so many gatherings to go to, we even hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our house. It was weird with it being in the 70s, NC is usually so much cooler this time of year- it kind of threw everyone's spirit off a bit. 

I wore this out a few weekends ago, it was warmer out but I still wanted to dress for the season. The thin blouse and vest weren't too much for the temperature and the mules were the perfect shoe for the look :) Do anyone else's pets know when they are packing for a trip? I swear my dogs get depressed when I start filling up a suitcase. They will just stare with sad eyes and it breaks my heart! I wish I could take them everywhere with me! (Crazy dog lady, I'm aware haha.)


Bow & Plaid

Dec 21, 2015

Coat, Rosewe (wearing size small) | Booties, Target | Bag, Givenchy | Dress, old H&M. Similar Here | Bracelet, David

So Kate Spade makes a jacket verrry similar to the one above just about every year. And every year I obsess over it, but the price always keeps me away. Ha. I was so excited to run across this one for $40! I love how light weight it is (especially considering the warm winter we have been having) and I love that it can be paired with a dress and also a cute sweater and jeans. Can't wait to wear it to work with jeans later this week!

Usually weekends seem to fly by but this one seems like it was extra long. I guess because I was trying to cram everything I needed to get done into two days. I did get a lot done but I still have tons to do before Thursday and Friday! At least the house is clean though :)


Chain Crossbody

Dec 16, 2015

Jeans here & here | Shirt, Express | Shoes, old from Sole Society

Ever since I was younger I have always loved handbags. All of them. I love how you can take the most simple of outfits (like above), add some cute shoes and a chic bag and you are set to rock. I also have a knack for loving expensive handbags, which just aren't always an option. Cue the dupe. I typically don't like to carry knock offs, but I have been lusting after the Chloe Drew for far too long. I luckily found the above lookalike on eBay for less than $100 (& it's real leather). I am happy with the quality, given the price. Of course I would much rather have the $1800 version but this will do.
 For now :)

Holiday Sparkle

Dec 14, 2015

Sequin Leggings, old boutique find. Similar here & here | Bag, Gucci | Sweater, old. Similar here | Pumps, Nine West

I feel like this weekend has been non-stop! My sister was with me like all weekend, so we had a blast going to get pedis and Mexican Food and late night McD's runs. I'm so sad tomorrow is MUNday! :( 

I said it a few posts back, but I LOVE sequins this time of year! Especially if you wear them just right, AKA not too dressed up. If you have been looking for a good pair of nude pumps that won't break the bank, I recommend these. The quality is good and they are comfortable :)

I hope your coffee is strong and your Monday is short, guys!

PS: bear with me as I figure out my photo vibe :) I have been experimenting with some presets to find my style and I think I've justtttt about got it <3


Dec 9, 2015

OKAY SO...It does not feel like Christmas to me. I think it's the unseasonably warm weather. Actually, I know that's what it is! It was in the mid 60's this weekend, like whaaaa? (Hence the open toed shoes lol)

If there is one thing you need this warm nonholiday like holiday season, it's something sparkly- like a sequin blazer :) My sister said I looked like a disco ball, but I cared not. I love that this time of year you can wear something completely covered in sparkles and get away with it.

xoxo & Happy Hump Day! Half way there <3

Cotton Candy

Dec 7, 2015

Bag, KSNY | Jeans, Loft | Watch, Michele | Coat, Shein (under $50!) | Tee, Nordstrom | Shoes, Charlotte Russe

Tonight's random thoughts: 

1. I seriously need a mani.
2. Also a pedi. 
3. I have been crushing big on cotton candy pink lately. So is Vogue, see pic below. 
4. KUWTK has been my guilty pleasure lately.
5. I really didn't want to say 'lately' in both 3 & 4, butttt I kinda had to.
6. I have been lusting for a new hand bag. Like craving one. Is it weird to crave handbags?
7. I would also like a new car. Any volunteers to buy me one? #lolyeahright
8. I feel like I never get everything done on the weekends. Le sigh. 

I took this pic of my magazine (weirdo alert lol) because I lovedddd this page!!

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