Nov 12, 2014

On those days where I have to choose between an extra ten minutes on my makeup routine or Starbucks, the latter wins. The products I used today are quick, easy to use, and give you a natural and (almost) flawless look in under 5 minutes.
1. Bare Minerals foundation- I use the 'matte' version, it lasts all day giving your skin a natural look while concealing imperfections. I use powder foundation when I'm in a hurry because you don't have to worry so much about blending.
2. Diorskin Star Concealer- Game. Changer. If you only buy one new makeup product, buy this one. Most concealers, in my opinion, are cakey and feel kind of icky. This one goes on silky, feels super light, and seriously covers everything. Tip- I always put my concealer OVER my foundation a) because the MAC girl told me to and b) I end up not overdoing it this way, since the foundation is already covering most imperfections.
3. Diorshow Blackout- Hands down my favorite mascara. When I'm not running late I also use Dior lash primer with this, for some extra va va voom.
4. Maybelline Nudes- I love my Naked 2 palette, but this one fits easily in my purse for those mornings when I am doing most of my makeup in the Starbucks drive thru line.
5. Maybelline Eyebrow Mascara- I never thought I would use eyebrow mascara, but once you do there's no turning back. Just try it. Promise you'll love it.
6. Nars Lipgloss, in Super Orgasm- This shade is pretty, looks natural (with a tid bit of oomf), with just enough shimmer (teeny teeny bit) to where I think even Babe Walker would approve of it.
xo, Sam

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  1. I love your blog! I will have to try the Dior concealer because I have been looking for a new one that doesn't crease!

    Isabel - http://thetechionista.blogspot.com/