Nov 22, 2014

Happy Saturday loves! I hope today has been a good one, I've been cleaning and watching Christmas movies all day (exciting stuff, I know). Sometimes it's nice to stay at home and get things done. I feel like I am always running around everywhere, so slower days like today are very much appreciated!
With Christmas (literally) right around the corner, I though I'd share a few gift ideas. I was sitting down trying to think of what to add to the list and I said out loud, "What would I want to get as a gift from someone?" My fiancé didn't hesitate when he said, "Just write EVERYTHING! and you'll be set." Haha, he's got jokes...


  1. I really love all your picks! I want one of those candles!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  2. Thanks, Michaela!! I want one too, I just don't know which one 😁