Current Skin Care Routine

Oct 16, 2014

While I do love buying and playing with makeup, I am also a firm believer in taking care of your skin, not just covering it up. I have always been a stickler for a clean face. Growing up I was always told 'makeup will ruin your complexion' and being the serious child that I was, I took it to heart. I can (seriously now!) recall two times in my life that I have gone to bed with makeup on. Once was after my senior prom, and that was because I wanted my professional Clinique makeup job to last until the next day (lol at me, haha). The other time was when I fell asleep reading a book (nerd alert) and woke up the next morning feeling pretty gross. I have compiled a list of my current favorite skin products and I hope this list helps you if you are looking for something new! I love trying new products so if you have any absolute favorites you can't live without, I'd love to hear about them in the comment section.
(Sidenote- my current foundation is SPF 20, so that is why this post is lacking a product that contains SPF. I am a firm believer in sun protection. Sun damage and skin cancer can are no joke, so wear that SPF!)
I am obsessed with my Clarisonic. It deep cleans and you really can tell a difference in your skin tone/texture after just a few uses. I have used the Mia 2, but recently upgraded to the Aria because I loved the product so much. I am currently using the 'radiance' head, but also love the 'cashmere' head.  

THIS cleanser. I have combo skin and really feel like this Neutrogena face wash balances that. I picked this moisturizer up from the sample section at Sephora (you know, where they stash the cute baby sizes that you have to stare at while you're waiting in line) and absolutely love it. I rotate between this and a retinol cream, but LOVE the way this feels.

The eye cream. Let me start off by saying that I am in my 20s, and do not have very noticeable aging around my eyes, yet. I do however, get circles/bags under the eye are if I do not get enough rest and if you look closely enough you will see a few fine lines. This Rodan and Fields cream is amazing for helping with that. It is seriously the holy grail of eye creams. I can not wait to see what a difference this will make in the next couple of months. If you are interested in this product (you should be!) click here, or email April Kraft at

I love these wipes for mornings and before workouts. They leave you feeling fresh and they are convenient. I also prefer these over liquid eye make up remover.  I wear contacts and liquid eye remover just seems to leave an oily residue around my eyes, always irritating my lenses. These do not have the same effect.

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