Monday Must-Haves

Jun 26, 2017

These retro sunnies are my new favorites and I am obsessed with this bamboo tote for summer! I can't wait to wear these at the beach in a couple of weeks with some palm print <3

cult gaia, bamboo tote, beach tote

 It is so important to wear SPF (especially on your face to prevent aging!) and I love this powdered option for summertime. It's lightweight and helps with oil that comes along with humidity, but I also love it to even out my skin tone when I go without makeup. The primer is such a cool concept, a lot of full coverage foundations do not contain SPF so this is a nice option to layer UNDER a full face. I love both of these because of the tinted color, the SPF protection, and they do NOT leave you shiny/greasy like most sun protection for your face. 

nordstrom, aveda, t3 micro

Having naturally crazy curly hair, my summer routine is A LOT different from the rest of the year. Anti-frizz products are absolutely necessary and these from Aveda are all natural and smell amazing. I especially love the Damage Remedy to help out from my heat usage. 

How perfect are these pink hair tools?? The hair dryer is perfect for travel and I am obsessed with all of the T3 Micro styling tools. ((See my review HERE!))They work so well!

knox rose, target, boho style, budget

I may have a new favorite brand. It's affordable, cute, great quality, and it's at...Target! I have walked by the Knox Rose section a million times and never really looked until last week. I love love love the boho vibes and the prices are too good. I get major Anthro feels from the pieces for a fraction of the cost. Holllaaaa!

knox rose, target, boho style, budge boho

Twinkle lights! I have these around my vanity in my cloffice and I have an amber/golden set on my headboard in my bedroom- I just love the cozy romantic feel they give a room <3

So those are my favorites from last week! I'm going to try to share my beauty, fashion, home, and hair favorites...pretty much all the stuff I love...a couple times a month. Hope you guys like these products as much as I do! 💗

xo, Samantha Brooke

Polka Dot Romper + Body Image

Jun 22, 2017

polka dot romper, tassel earrings, retro sunglasses

polka dot romper, tassel earrings, camelia roma handbag

Recreate the look:

I didn't want to post these pictures. I remember taking them last week and it was so hot, I was sweaty, I felt disgusting and just not pretty. So many negative thoughts I had- my face looks weird, my arm looks huge, why are my legs so big, what is that pooch on my stomach. Then I just said, stop. Stop with the self hate. I don't always do it, but I do find myself slipping into this snow ball effect of a dwindling confidence. I've battled a love hate relationship with my body image for years and let me tell you, it's a battle. Be kind to yourself and love yourself. Body image is a slippery slope, stay on top of the hill. Just be happy with who you are, all of your perfectly imperfect self. I know there will be days when you don't believe it, but you. are. beautiful! 

On a lighter note...polka dots are one of my favorite prints! I love the whimsical and retro vibes and they just feel so fun. Plus they remind me of Disney World so that's a win, too <3 

Guys. I had so many things planned for the Summer Solstice and instead of swimming and tanning and going on snow-cone runs I spent all day (actually the past two and half days) on my couch fighting a terrible cold (sinus infection?). I haven't been this sick in forever and I HATE it's during this time of year. Talk about FOMO. 

xo, Samantha Brooke